Render of Meridian Rocket

Meridian is our next generation rocket project.  This rocket seeks to improve on all components of Lookout's design from the parachute ejection system to the computer components.  This design's airframe will be manufactured by our team utilizing a special carbon fiber composite material developed by the senior research team.


Height: 6' - 3"

Max Velocity: 461 mph (mach 0.61)

Apogee: 5,302 ft (dependent on payload)


Carbon Fiber Test PiecesPicture of Carbon Fiber Processing

Pictured above are the test pieces we manufactured for the airframe.  Our next major project is created more geometrically complex pieces using molds.  Each carbon fiber piece starts off as a roll of carbon fiber fabric.  This fabric is coated in two-part resin and then placed under vacuum for 24 hours to remove impurities and air bubbles.  This material is durable and has fantastic tensile strength.

Chart showing Meridian Simulation

Design Image of Meridian

Meridian utilizes the same KT1000 engine of Lookout but reaches 2000' higher (a 50% increase).  This was accomplished through a more compact design and better materials.  The rocket also seeks to improve on the previous design by having a larger parachute bay and more aerodynamic frame.



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