Picture of Team Leads with Lookout Rocket

Our first rocket, Lookout (pictured above), is an 11-foot-tall rocket set to fly to 4,000 ft. Lookout was named after the 1893 Kentucky Derby winner of the same name and is described as a “Reliable horse that started ahead and stayed ahead.” We found this fitting to our project as we push the boundaries so early in our team’s career.  Lookout has undergone numerous design changes and has been improved upon by three separate teams.  It is planned to be launched in the spring of 2022.

Lookout Rocket Schematic


Length: 9' - 4"

Max Velocity: 355 mph

Apogee: 3,690 ft (dependent on payload)


Lookout Rocket Body


Lookout utilizes a prefab fiberglass body which provides a strong and light structure for the airframe.  Because fiberglass blocks radio waves, the tip of the rocket is made of aluminum to act as an antenna.  Lookout will split in half two seconds after reaching apogee and release a 10-foot recovery parachute.  This is accomplished utilizing a gunpowder charge.


Lookout Motor MountPicture of Lookout MotorSchematic of K1000T-P Engine

Lookout uses a K1000T-P solid fuel motor capable of outputting a maximum thrust of 256 lbs. of force and a total impulse of 2497 Newton-seconds. We designed and had custom machined an aluminum plate that serves as the motor mount for the rocket.