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"De Kentucky, Ad Astra"

"From Kentucky, To The Stars"

About Us:

We are SpaceLex, the University of Kentucky's rocketry and propulsion team. Our team of engineers work to develop aerospace at the university through the design and construction of college level rocketry. Our vehicles are all designed and built from scratch by students, and include student-manufactured carbon fiber airframes, team designed flight computers, and tested solid fuel systems. With every project we strive to create new innovation.

The Mission:

Our mission is to push the state of Kentucky further into the aerospace industry. We want “Kentucky” and “Aerospace” to be nearly synonymous as we continue to display what engineers from our state can do. We accomplish this not only through our in-depth community outreach program and being “Kentucky Local”, but also through our incredibly innovative projects that push the boundaries of what defines aerospace. We believe space is for everyone, therefore all students that are passionate about aerospace can join our team and get valuable hands-on experience in this field.

Interested in joining SpaceLex?

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