Meet the Team





President / Founder: Chandler Aulick

Chandler is the President and Founder of our team. He is a 4th year Materials Engineering Student with a minor in Physics at the University of Kentucky. Over the past few years, Chandler has worked on a multitude of aerospace and propulsion programs incuding NASA's Artemis program. Apart from leading the team, Chandler also provides aid in vehicle design, propulsion, and composite material fabrication to assist our team in developing successful launch vehicles. After graduation, Chandler aspires to develop additive manufactured rocket engines for launch vehicles to further push humanity towards a permanent place in the stars. 



Mechanical Team Lead: John Bartholomai

John is the head of our mechanical sub-team. He is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student and works heavily with our structures, recovery systems, and flight simulations for our rockets. Currently, he is developing a next-generation parachute deployment system for our rocket, Lookout. John aspires to work in the aerospace industry as a manufacturing and process engineer to develop new flight vehicle processes for improvements in efficiency and construction time. 



Electrical Team Lead: Cosmo Knox 

Cosmo is our electrical team lead and is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is currently developing a fully custom and altimeter and deployment system made from scratch for our parachute releases in flight. He is also responsible for all power supply systems, payload integration, and remote comms. After graduation, Cosmo will work with Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative to provide electricity and innovate for more efficient power usage for Eastern Kentucky.


















Computer Science Lead: Michael Sandell

Michael is our head Computer Scientist and is pursuing dual degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Michael is currently developing a flight control system for damage diagnostics, motor ignition, and payload integration for our first rocket, Lookout. Michael is also responsible for our guided user interface programs and simulation software. After graduation, Michael will pursue a career in software engineering for efficiency improvement and data collection in the engineering field.




Media and Business Lead: Christian Aulick

Christian is the head of our Media and Outreach operations and is pursuing dual degrees in Marketing and Management. He edits and develops our flight footage, team photos, sponsorship packages, and education outreach programs. Christian is also responsible for integrating cameras into our flight vehicles for top-notch flight views. After graduation, Christian aspires to perform market research and marketing for rapidly expanding organizations.





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